How to write a perfect essay?


In high school, the essay is always a scary exercise. The instructions and expectations of teachers often seem abstract. This is why, during the bac test , the majority of pupils choose the text commentary. However, the dissertation makes it easier to get a mention. First because we stand out from the others and then because the correctors are often more lenient. But then how to go about it? Should you give your opinion or simply recite your lesson? How to build a plan and write the intro? GoStudent guides you through all the stages of your dissertation!

French essay method

The dissertation is an exercise in argumentation which consists in answering the question posed by following a plan (generally organized in three parts) and after having identified a problem.

A brief history of the dissertation

The dissertation already existed in the Middle Ages! Called “disputatio”, the exercise consisted of a debate during which the students had to answer a question in three main parts. This is where the famous plan “thesis / antithesis / synthesis” comes from.

Taken up by Descartes, the dissertation becomes the symbol of reason, the central value of humanist thought in the Renaissance.

Today, this exercise is only offered from high school. First in French and in history-geography, then in philosophy. The goal is not to recite his lesson. You have to organize your thoughts, follow a common thread, choose relevant arguments and provide examples.

The baccalaureate dissertation

The French dissertation is one of the subjects offered to students in the general and technological series. The other being the text comment . Concretely, in the French baccalaureate, you have four hours to deal with a subject, marked out of 20 and with a coefficient of 10.

To succeed, it is essential to master your course and all the concepts in the program. For example, in French, you must have a good command of the different literary procedures and figures of speech. In philosophy, it is necessary to know the fundamental concepts relating to themes such as the State, justice, language, freedom, truth, etc.

How to write a perfect essay?

For a history-geo exam or for the French bac test , the dissertation method is quite comparable.

First, you have to analyze the subject. Is this a question that can be answered with yes or no, or is it an open question?  This will influence how the plan is constructed.

Then you can begin to process the subject and come up with a plan. For this, it is advisable to write down arguments and examples in the draft to properly structure your ideas and allow you to write an introduction.

1 – Introduction

If we follow the methodology of the dissertation , the introduction has two main objectives: to attract the reader’s attention, to formulate and to identify a problem.

2 – Development

The different parts of the development (two or three) are subdivided into several paragraphs which aim to answer the problem through arguments.

3 – Conclusion

The conclusion takes stock of the main ideas supported in your development.

Before returning your copy, the proofreading stage is necessary to correct all your grammar mistakes !

Essay examples

To fully understand what is expected of you and to train you on essay topics , several sites validated by our editorial staff offer you essay examples and their answers:

Three main types of essay outlines are available to organize your ideas:

1 # The dialectical plan is the best known: thesis / antithesis / synthesis. This is the one to choose if the subject is a closed question. It is a plan that invites the confrontation of ideas.

For example, for the subject “is the interest of the novel to describe reality?”, we could follow this plan:

I – The novel makes it possible to describe reality (we begin by supporting this thesis).

II – But a novel cannot be reduced to a description of reality (we qualify the thesis).

III – Isn’t the interest of the novel precisely to give a real dimension to the imagination of the author? (We go beyond the contradiction).

2 #  The thematic plan is used in response to an open question. Each part presents a possible answer to the question. The goal is therefore to support a point of view by giving arguments. It’s not about getting into a confrontation. As a general rule, it is advisable to organize your ideas from the most general to the most specific.

3 #  The analytical plan is not used in French, but it can be in SES or in history-geo, for example. The typical structure is in the form “problem – causes – consequences”.

The introduction of the dissertation is a decisive part in which you present the subject, you expose the problem and you present the different parts of your reasoning. It is necessary both to hold the reader’s attention and to show the relevance of the subject.

The introduction itself is divided into several subsections:

A catchphrase that allows you to get into the subject. It is often a number, a news item or a quote.

 The reformulation of the subject . It’s about rephrasing the question in your own words to introduce the subject and show that you understand what we are talking about.

The problematization consists of a sentence that poses the problem raised by the question.

Announcement of the plan . In one or two sentences, you present the main parts of your development, using logical connectors: “at first”, “then in a second part”, etc.

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