5 qualities necessary to be a better tutor

necessary to be a better tutor

Passing on your knowledge pays off. College and university students have understood this. If you have acquired a certain expertise during your years of study in a specific field or in all your courses, it becomes very interesting for you to take advantage of these skills. Your success depends on one thing; the quality of your services. Superior quality services will ensure you a regular and valuable clientele.

Here are five qualities you should add to your registry to become a better tutor :

Ability to put people at ease

Helping with homework at a student’s home is very different from any other student job. You are invited to people who know you very little, and give you for a moment the responsibility of teaching their child.

You must be in control of the situation and demonstrate that their child is in good hands. Good manners and good hygiene will certainly help with the first impression. During the first meeting, it is a good idea to allow a few minutes to sit down with the student and his parents. Introduce yourself and discuss how the meetings will go and the objectives. Everyone will learn more about you, and will gradually be more confident.


Being patient is a virtue to be mastered in any teaching. It may take some time before you fully grasp your student and adapt to their learning pace. You will probably sometimes have the impression that it is nevertheless simple and that your student should be able to do it too. You will then have to try in different ways, and repeat until he grasps the material. The important thing is above all not to lose patience and not to discourage your student. It can then be beneficial to move on and come back to it later.


The ability to design new ways of explaining and leading the student to solve a problem or understand a concept is certainly an asset. It is also a challenge for you and an excellent opportunity to improve your working methods. Putting yourself in the student’s shoes and asking yourself how the material in question could have been taught to you in a way that makes it easier for you to understand will be a good starting point for you.

Good communication

Transmitting a concept in such a way that its interlocutor receives the right message is an extraordinary ability. To do this, you must first know how to master your ideas. This is another opportunity for you to develop and acquire new skills applicable to other areas of your life.

Never stop learning

It is important to show your students that learning new skills is a long and continuous process for everyone. As a student, you too are on your way and constantly progressing. This difference you have with his teacher will cause your student to perceive you differently and to be more receptive.

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